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My lawyer wrote everything

Olga MackOlga V. Mack is the vice president of LexisNexis and executive director of Parley Pro, a next-generation contract management company that has pioneered online negotiation technology. Olga embraces legal innovation and has dedicated her career to improving and shaping the future of law. She is convinced that the legal profession will emerge even stronger, more resilient and more inclusive than before by embracing technology. Olga is also an award-winning general counsel, operations professional, startup advisor, public speaker, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur. She founded the Women serve on boards of directors movement that advocates for the participation of women on boards of directors of Fortune 500 companies. she was an author Get on board: get your ticket to a seat on the corporate board, Smart Contract Security Fundamentalsand Blockchain value: transforming business models, society and communities. He is working on Visual IQ for Lawyers, his next book (ABA 2023). You can follow Olga on Twitter @olgavmack.

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